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XP 85: Triple Shot

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XP 85: Triple Shot
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

1.11L of water



The XP 85: Triple Shot is a 1997 XP Super Soaker that holds 1.11L of water. Little is known about this blaster however, except the fact that its isn't powerful. It has 3 adjustable nozzles to fire left, right and centre. It is no longer available for purchase as its home line has since been discontinued. It got poor reviews when it first came out. It is classified as an Air Blaster.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the probable reasons this blaster was born, was that there was an original XP 85 and it was an extremely poor seller, which was a piece of info from iSoaker. However, this piece of info remains a myth and no pictures of that version of the XP 85 exist.
  • During the time that the water warfare community was on Aquatica (1998-2002), the XP 85 won (or lost depending on how you look at it) a poll for the absolute worst super soaker ever.

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