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Stock Capacity:

12 Elite Darts


N-Strike Elite

The Retaliator is an 2012 N-Strike Elite blaster that can hold up to 12 Elite Darts with its default clip and ammunition. It is essentially a Recon CS-6 redone with "Elite Distance" and paint scheme, along with different accessories. It comes with a variety of accessories, just like with the Recon CS-6. However, unlike the Recon CS-6, it does not come with a flip-up sight or a light beam unit. Instead, it comes with a Retaliator detachable stock, an assault grip and a Retaliator barrel extension. It should be compatible with all types of clips and drums, unless the blaster is damaged or other complications occur. It also comes with a 12-Dart Clip, the third type of clip released. While this clip holds less than the Stampede ECS's 18-Dart Clip, it holds more than the Recon's 6-dart clip. Thus, it is a good middle ground sized clip for those who want a clip not as bulky as the 18-dart clip, but can hold more darts than the 6-dart clip.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1: Load 12 Elite Darts or Streamline Darts into the included 12-Dart Clip.

Step 2: Load the 12-Dart Clip into the blaster.

Step 3: Pull back the cocking handle on the top until it stops.

Step 4: Push the cockling back to its original position.

Step 5: Press the trigger all the way down to fire a dart.

Description Edit

The Retaliator was one of the first known N-Strike Elite blasters, alongside the Rampage. It looks very similar to a Recon CS-6 and uses the same Clip System. Because of this, it is compatible with the 6 and 18-Dart Clip as well as the 18, 25 and 35-Dart Drum. It is also compatible with Streamline Darts. It is, in fact, almost identical to a Recon CS-6, in terms of design, with a different colour scheme when all the accessories that come with both blasters are not attached.


Nerf N-Strike Elite RETALIATOR Blaster (75ft)(00:56)

Review Edit

Retaliator - 9
Ninja-crouch (NEW)

WorldmapCountry: England  GenderSex: Male
DayJoined: April 3, 2013 Micro darts № of Reviews: 27 Nerf logo 92 № of Featured Reviews: 1
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Basically can fit any role, as long as the user knows what they're doing.
Ammo: Elite Darts
Pros: Good range, good capacity, the foregrip can help keep you steady, accurate
Cons: Mediocre ROF

Ten stars


Ten stars


Nine stars


Eight stars


Epic-win-logo 1

The Retaliator is the perfect example of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none blaster. By far, one of the best blasters for beginners and very viable for experienced users, due to its versatility. It's highly recommended that you buy this blaster if you have the chance.
Review by: REALNerfNinja6

Trivia Edit

  • The Retaliator is the only N-Strike Elite CS direct plunger blaster to not have slam fire capabilities.
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