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Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

12 Elite Darts

Average Retail Price(s):



N-Strike Elite

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The Retaliator is an 2012 N-Strike Elite blaster that can hold up to 12 Elite Darts with its default clip and ammunition. It is essentially a Recon CS-6 redone with "Elite Distance" and paint scheme, along with different accessories. It comes with a variety of accessories, just like with the Recon CS-6. However, unlike the Recon CS-6, it does not come with a flip-up sight or a light beam unit. Instead, it comes with a Retaliator detachable stock, an assault grip and a Retaliator barrel extension. It should be compatible with all types of clips and drums, unless the blaster is damaged or other complications occur. It also comes with a 12-Dart Clip, the third type of clip released. While this clip holds less than the Stampede ECS's 18-Dart Clip, it holds more than the Recon's 6-dart clip. Thus, it is a good middle ground sized clip for those who want a clip not as bulky as the 18-dart clip, but can hold more darts than the 6-dart clip.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1: Load 12 Elite Darts or Streamline Darts into the included 12-Dart Clip.

Step 2: Load the 12-Dart Clip into the blaster.

Step 3: Pull back the cocking handle on the top until it stops.

Step 4: Push the cockling back to its original position.

Step 5: Press the trigger all the way down to fire a dart.

Description Edit

The Retaliator was one of the first known N-Strike Elite blasters, alongside the Rampage. It looks very similar to a Recon CS-6 and uses the same Clip System. Because of this, it is compatible with the 6 and 18-Dart Clip as well as the 18, 25 and 35-Dart Drum. It is also compatible with Streamline Darts. It is, in fact, almost identical to a Recon CS-6, in terms of design, with a different colour scheme when all the accessories that come with both blasters are not attached.


Nerf N-Strike Elite RETALIATOR Blaster (75ft)00:56

Nerf N-Strike Elite RETALIATOR Blaster (75ft)

Trivia Edit

  • The Retaliator is the only N-Strike Elite CS direct plunger blaster to not have slam fire capabilities.

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