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200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued, but limited stock may still be found in retail stores.
6.5 This blaster scores a 6.5
Longstrike CS-6




Stock Capacity:

6 Streamline Darts


$34.99 USD, $39.99 CAD



The Longstrike CS-6 (known as the Sniper Shot CS-6 in Japan) is a bolt-action Nerf N-Strike blaster that was designed to function similar to a Longshot CS-6. However, the Longstrike CS-6 has the same reverse-plunger system as the Recon CS-6. This was a very big disappointment for many people, as the reverse-plunger system is notorious for producing mediocre ranges and breaking more easily. Adding to the disappointment was the fact that the Longstrike was designed to be a sniper rifle. The blaster does provide a better range than the Recon, but it's not nearly enough to be considered a sniper rifle type blaster. (The Longstrike's Sonic and Whiteout variants fix this problem to some extent.) The Longstrike CS-6 comes with a 6-Dart Clip with 6 Streamline Darts (despite the picture showing only 5.) It is the second longest Nerf blaster, roughly being around 3 feet long, (assuming you have attached all the accessories that come with it), with the longest being the Centurion.

Hasbro's Description Edit

With this awesome, air-powered dart blaster, a “long shot” is a good thing! Measuring three feet long, this blaster is the longest NERF blaster yet and fires up to 35 feet. Attach the barrel extension for long-range targeting and use the tactical rails and flip-up sight to help you zero-in on targets near and far. Even when your target is on the move, you never have to worry about ammo, since your blaster can store two quick-reload clips! (One clip is included.) So grab your gear, steel your nerves and prepare to “go long”!

Blaster comes with barrel extension, flip-up sight, quick-reload clip, six Clip-System darts and instructions.

Ages 6 and up.

CAUTION -- Do NOT at aim at eyes or face. To Avoid Injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blasters.

Review Edit

Longstrike - 6.5
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Not a good sniper rifle. It may look cool but its performance is far from cool. FAIL.
Review by: REALNerfNinja6

Reception Edit

The reception of this blaster has been mixed since it has arrived on the market. It has been praised for its near-stellar accuracy, however many have complained that the blaster's barrel extension is too big and unnecessary. The reason this was added to the blaster was to promote the usage of the blaster as a sniper's weapon, but because of the front many have dismissed the blaster.

Another site that has caused controversy is that the blaster has the same internals as the Recon CS-6, which means the blaster has a reverse plunger mechanism, which makes modding very tough. UrbanTaggers called this "harder-to-modify-and-less-power than the Longshot". This causes many people to choose other blasters with more opportunities for modification. Reverse plunger mechanisms are also well known for producing average to mediocre ranges and not lasting as long as direct plunger mechanisms, giving all the more reason not to purchase the blaster.

The blaster has been noted by some for its multiple inclusions of features that may possibly help your battle. For example, in the stock you can hold two 6-Dart Clips, reducing the need of a backpack or other accessory to carry extra ammo. However, many other blasters have these features, so these "advantages" are widely regarded as typical for a blaster.

Trivia Edit

  • The stock is not detatchable only due to packaging reasons. Many have speculated that if it didn't come in the box it came with, the barrel extension would be built into the blaster.
  • Despite being advertised as a sniper rifle, it does not come with a scope like the Longshot CS-6 and instead comes with a flip-up sight. It also has a built in flip-up sight along with iron sights.
  • The Longstrike has two Sub-Series variants, which are its Sonic and Whiteout variants.
  • It shares its firing sound with the RedShift CS-12 in the N-Strike video games.

Commercial Edit

Nerf 2010 Commercial - N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Blaster(00:18)

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