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200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued, but limited stock may still be found in retail stores.

Not to be confused with the Firefly (Water Warriors).

Firefly REV-8
Year Released:

2005, 2009



Stock Capacity:

16 Glow Darts

Average Retail Price(s):




Plunger Type:


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The Firefly REV-8 is a 2005 N-Strike Blaster that can hold up to 16 Glow Darts. It was one of the first revolver-type blasters, and in reality is one of the best. The Firefly was initially released in 2005 with the blue, yellow and orange color scheme that is now mostly associated with the Longshot CS-6's original colors. It was then rereleased in 2009 under the regular N-Strike colors of yellow, black and orange. It was later on rereleased in 2010 for an Iron Man promotion, known as the Stark N.R.F. 425 Blaster. The name for the blaster was derived from its main feature; when the trigger is pulled, a light in the blaster's cylinder flashes momentarily before shutting back off; this happens every time one pulls the trigger, but not if one pulls it rapidly due to the light having to switch back off and cool down before flashing again. If any glow darts were in the cylinder, they would get charged by the light and then fired. However, the Iron Man version lacks this feature. In spite of that, it still has its switch and cover that opens to reveal the battery hold, although it really does not power anything. The Firefly cost $24.99 when initially released, and got high reviews when it first came out.

Description Edit

The Firefly is the first ever Nerf blaster to feature a light which emits phosphors to charge up ammunition, and let them glow in the dark. It has grey and black grips on the pistol grip, and a orange firing trigger. The majority of the blaster's body is yellow, until the back is reached. The rear of the blaster is of a mixture of grey and black designs. In the stock, there are eight dart holders, four on each side of the stock. These hold eight darts on the sides of the blaster, and better yet, supplement the blaster with a full set of eight darts. An orange priming handle is seen on the top of the blaster, behind a yellow cylinder guard. The main attraction is the clear cylinder, which holds up to eight darts. The eight darts from the stock can be supplemented to the cylinder. When the trigger is pulled, a set of electronics activate which causes a light located near the cylinder to flash momentarily. This light helps to charge up the darts in the blaster, and allow them to glow. When the blaster is primed and the trigger is pulled, the dart will be sent flying and glowing through the air until it hits a wall, at that point the effect will dissipate until the dart no longer glows. The cylinder is held in by an orange contraption.

Internals Edit

The Firefly's internals are a bit different than what one would normally expect in a revolver-type blaster. It has a direct plunger, light, electrical wires, plunger catch, plunger catch spring, slide return spring and revolver turret. These parts work very reliably.

Position in Theme Edit

The Firefly is big and bulky, and unlike most other revolvers, cannot be put in a holster. In fact, it is the biggest out of all the revolver-type blasters, and its size rivals that of a submachine gun.

Blaster Co-relation Edit

The Firefly is extremely related to the Light It Up series of blasters, also made by Nerf. The blasters in the series, the Rayven CS-18 and the Lumitron, both have light up features which are very similar to that of the Firefly. The Rayven has a clip with a light inside to charge the darts, the same goes for the Lumitron with its Firefly Tech Magazine. It is also related to the Electric Eel, a Nerf blaster that was made back in 1997. It had a light feature, but held two times less ammunition. It was also a bit noisy when it was switched on, due to it having a capacitor that charged up whenever the blaster was on.

Faults Edit

Like all other blasters, the Firefly has faults. The main fault is that it is really bulky, a lot bulkier than most other revolver-type blasters, so it can't be concealed. Another problem relates to the batteries; if left inside the blaster for too long and the blaster is on, it will corrode the electronics and cause them to malfunction, or even, stop working.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Load eight darts into the revolver turret.
Step 2 - Pull the slide back and release.
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to fire.

Gallery Edit

  • An original blue Firefly.
  • The current blaster.

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