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Year Released:



No(Nerf),Yes(Air Zone)

Stock Capacity:

6 Arrows

Average Retail Price(s):



Original Nerf Series

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The Arrowstorm (called the Arrowstorm Gatling Unit on box or Firestorm in other countries) is a 1993 Original Nerf Series blaster. It holds 6 Arrows and was sold for $24.99 at the time of its release. This was one of the first blasters to fire Arrows. It can also fire Mega Darts, and can be modded to fire Micro Darts. It is spring-powered and was the last blaster to be released in the original line. Stocks ran out in 1994, and the gun was discontinued.

Trivia Edit

  • This blaster was revived in 2009 as an Air Zone product.
  • It is possible to insert Mega Darts into the blaster's barrels, and it fires them quite easily, noting that it is a tight fit.
  • This blaster was seen in the movies Blank Check and Karate Kid II.

Commercial Edit

Toys Camp Nerf00:32

Toys Camp Nerf

Devon Sawa in Nerf Arrow Storm Ad from 199300:31

Devon Sawa in Nerf Arrow Storm Ad from 1993

Nerf Commercial (1993)00:29

Nerf Commercial (1993)

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